The First Hey

Hey dear reader

You can see how I came up with the idea for site’s name.

Well I don’t know what to say here… I guess I’ll start of by saying that the whole reason I started this website/blog was because of two reasons.

One is that right now my life is a bit chaotic and I don’t know what direction it’s heading in. So I thought that making a website/blog would be at least be taking a step forward with my life (which is better than taking a step backwards).

The other reason is I like to come up with stories. I say “come up with” because I rarely write them down. I’m probably going to have some free time on my hands so I thought maybe I should write some down and share it with you guys. Full disclaimer: I’m a complete 100% amateur, but if some likes the stories I post up, or learns what not to do should they want to become an author then that’s okay.

I guess I’ll just finish up with some thing about me. I’m a guy and I’m Australian. I’m a bit of nerd and an otaku, So I like my anime, manga and light novels, and really enjoy playing video games. And generally I’m quite online, so doing something like making a website is a brand new to me.

Anyway hope you look after me and talk to you guys later.

Kairos5 out

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