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0 Prologue – Should have asked Dante

It was gone. All that was left of his home was the village’s smouldering rubble.

Was he fortunate that there were only a few corpses around the village?

As smoke rose towards the night sky, the young man dropped to his knees.

Not knowing what happened to his friends and family, his home destroyed and alone tears began to fall against his will.

As more and more tears fell, as he began to breakdown, he wish for the past, that this was just a dream and the village from the past was still here…

No no no no no that’s a little too depressing and doesn’t it raise the bar for me as I tell the story? Also isn’t it clichéd to start a prologue with an out of context scene from the middle of the story?

Hmm… How about if I opened up with this:

Air rushed passed them chilling them to the bone.

Flying is supposed to make you feel free. But when you’re caged on the back of the dragon you can’t help feel the Irony of the situation.

The two didn’t know anyone else in the cage. They didn’t even know we they were being taken away or what would happen. All they could do for now was to huddle together with tattered clothes to try and stay warm.

And pray that they could return to happier times.

No that won’t work either. It lacks the impact the first one had, and it seems I can only start stories with clichés.

Well what if I tried this:

He was trapped in the tower, his latest attempt for escape had been dashed by chance.

He had to at least get a message out to let the others know he was still alive.

He was in a dark secluded hallway, thinking of his next attempt when he heard scratching and clicking noises behind him. He turned around to see a group of giant spiders running across the walls and ceiling to reach him. They were lead by an arachne, a creature that was half human half spider.

The man knew there was no escape, he was too tired to run, and even if he used magic he would not win this fight.

As he resigned himself to fate, he began to wish that he could see his friends one last time.


Ignoring the quality, isn’t that misleading enough to call it a lie of omission?

You know you should have asked Dante, he’d be better to do this. The great god of storytellers and writers would be able to do a better job. Actually SP was the god who dealt with them the most, shouldn’t you be talking to him?

*Sighs again and takes a moment, and then he smiles*

Well I guess those four friends did do a lot didn’t they? Fate dealt them both good and bad hands and they made the most it…

Fine I’ll give you the light version. Lets start before that disaster entered their lives and set them on their paths. After all even those who grow up to be heroes, villains and legends of the past all began as kids first.

End of Prologue.

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Message from the author

EDIT: the belw was actually used at the start of the post

Hey Dear Reader

So believe it or not, before I started the website I already story in my head and was writing a bit of it (by a bit I really do mean only a little bit). As I was writing thought of a prologue and now we’re here at this post.

I’ll be trying to link the blog posts for stories on a page so it’s easier to navigate, but as I said before, still new to wordpress so forgive me if I make any mistakes

Anway hope you enjoy the prologue of “For Friends” and let me know what you think about it in the comments

Kairos5 out


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