Story update, GAMSAT and life

Hey Dear Reader

First off, For Friends chapter 1 been updated so you should check it out. Originally I released part 2/6 but then after rereading it I decided to split it into to parts so now it’s now part 3/7. Then after that I realised that I needed to tweak somethings in part 3 but I only just got access to the internet so sorry if you read the unchanged part 3 and didn’t like it, or worse liked it and now found out it changed! Either which way hope you guys enjoy the story.

Since I started a blog post let me add some stuff about real life. Last Saturday I sat the GAMSAT exam. For those who don’t GAMSAT is one of the tests you have to sit if you want to study post grad medicine in Australia (and can be used in some universities in Ireland and the UK). It’s a glorious exam of about 6 hours including perusal, with a 1 hour lunch break. Sad thing is I’ve taken it enough times (this was my 5th) that that doesn’t seem to be that long anymore (for an exam).

It’s broken into three sections. Reasoning in humanities and social science, essay writing and humanities in biological and physical science. We’re not supposed to disclose any specific questions so I’ll stop here before I get close to that grey area. Just google GAMSAT and it should take you to the home page if you want more info or here’s the information booklet for the test I sat your viewing pleasure (or if you want to ask specific questions just sound off in the comments below and I’ll see what I can do).

This time around I actually found the questions were easier, which is good. But the problem I’ve always had was with the essay writing. When you have slow hand writing it’s actually a bit difficult to hand write 2 essay in under an hour.

*sighs* Oh well that’s life, hopefully this time I’ll get into med school.

Is there anything else I want to add?

Well for anime Konosuba (full title: Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o!) got a second season announced so if you want to watch a comedy fantasy sort of anime watch at least the first two episodes before making you mind (the first one can be a bit slow near the end). I feel a bit hipster since I read the novels before an anime even got announced, and for the record I recommend both the light novels and the anime.

And I guess just wrap up with just remember Brussels in your thoughts and prayers (if you’re the praying type). I’d say more but… I just don’t feel comfortable with these sort of messages… *clears throat* moving on!

Hope you guys had good week and here’s to a better one next week. Cheers!

And with that

kairos5 out!

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