Whinge of the Week: Shopping center ‘stalls’

Hey Dear Reader

You know how at shopping centers if the hallway/ pathway is wide enough sometimes people set up small stalls/shops in the middle of the pathway, so that it creates two “lanes” for people to walk? Yeah my local shopping center has that too.

On my way to the library I was pulled over by a woman selling skincare products from one of these stalls. She was nice, a little bit forceful?/pushy? but still nice. She put the product on one of my wrists to show that the product worked, gave me the sell speech about how it removes dead and dry skin and how it would improve how effective other products would work, etc.(for the record it did do what she said it would do).

The problem is this isn’t the first time I’ve been in this situation before. Maybe I’ve got the type of face that make skin sellers go “damn that guy has such a bad face he’ll buy what we’re selling” but a couple months ago from a different stall I got pulled over by a guy and even though the brand was different the sell speech was still the same.

Even when I told both of them I’m a student can’t afford the full price they we able to give a 50% discount “just for me.” After the discount the products were about A$75 – A$80, which comes to about $6.66 a month.

Some of you, who know more about skincare products then me, might be calling me an idiot for not buying it, but I would like to point out that I am currently unemployed and relying on my parents for money while I study. $80 is a lot of money to someone without a job, so I try my best not to get wrapped into the moment and impulse buy to cover my insecurities (and yes how I look is one of them).

So why am I writing about this now? Well like I said she was a bit pushy and it took everything I had to not buy the product. Especially when phone numbers and texting somehow came up. Even though it was just to let her know how good the product was for me if I bought it, or her promising  to text me to remind me to use the product, if it was a few years earlier I would have believed it straight away. (Nowadays I’m generally cynical about what people promise)

After trying to get away she then offered selling some soap so I could at least know what it’s like to properly wash me face (I told her earlier that I just use water). Again nearly caught up in the moment and spread my wallet open and let her have my money, but two things stopped me.

One: $40 for 2 bars of soap. Ignoring that I think that’s a ripoff and I could spend the money on something better, I can’t remember the exact pricing but I’m pretty sure I could at least 5 or more bars of soap for that much from the other stores in the center.

(EDIT: okay after thinking about it it’s more like 10 bars of soap, but at the time my brain could only churn out the number 5)

The other reason was because I noticed that she disappointed when I wouldn’t buy the skincare product and even began showing signs of disappointment when I was resisting buying the soap and I ask why? Is she disappointed that I’m not looking after myself, or that she’s not selling the product? And I had to remind myself at the end of the day it’s her job to sell me something, and I’ve been trying to get out off this situation for a while.

After I said sorry I can’t do buy this she just turned away and let me go, gone was the happy caring seller and felt really guilty as I walked to the library. And at the library I am  writing this and thinking was she trying to guilty trip me into buying something near the end?


Oh well, I’ll get over it

I’m going to spend that $40 to buy some food now so I don’t think it’s too bad.

As I wrote this a little girl (maybe 1 year old) walked up to me and after I said “Hi there, where’s your mum?” she began to start sobbing. So maybe I do have have a bad face. (My pride, hope and personal opinion prevent me from saying it’s ugly).

Also I remember the good old days when I was planning to use this site to write stories… good times. (still writing I’m just slow is all)

Anyway this is me whingeing about those ‘stall’ sellers in shopping center, hope you liked the story, and remember to stop and think before someone gets you to buy something.

Now if you excuse me I’m going to buy and wear a pair of dark sunglasses and walk around with an angry expression so no one tries to sell me something.

kairos5 out!

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