First chapter done! And life.

Hey Dear Reader

I finished it! It’s actually the first time that I’ve finished writing the first chapter for one of the stories I’ve come up with. There are bit I love, bits I’m disappointed in and wish I could have written them better, bits that make me smile and there probably a few bit that have typos and terrible grammar. But you know what, even if it’s not the best (heck even if it’s not even a little bit good) I’m proud that I was able to write it.

Anyway if you want to read it just click here and let me know what you think.

Even though it does kind of work as a stand alone short story you probably should start by reading the prologue. It’s just a short click away.

Hope you enjoy it!

And that’s the reason I tagged the post with, story, fantasy, fiction and novel

… Oh still here? Well I could give you an update on how I’ve been going…

Haven’t closed the page yet, alright then I’ll start with the update

First I have followers! Right now I only have two but I just want to say that you two guys are awesome and don’t forget that. I hope you enjoy the stuff I post and that I don’t end up annoying you.

Moving into real life; I’m still unemployed and still looking for work. To be honest I thought I would have gotten a job already… or at least an interview… On the bright side I think I’ve gotten better at writing CVs and doing job applications. What used to talk me at least a few days now only takes a few hours. You hear that potential employers? I’m one step closer to being able to spam CVs tailored to you advertised job descriptions! I will be increasing the number of applicants you have to assess! I will have my revenge!! (and hopefully a job).

In other news I finally got internet access for my place. It took it more than a month, and many trips to the local library when I need to use it, but now I can relax and use it in the comfort of my own home.

Is there anything else going on? hmm just miscellaneous stuff

In books I’ve started reading the Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. Sometimes I do struggle reading the classics… But so far I’m enjoying it. I’ll let you know what I think of once I’ve finished reading it. (Which if I’m being honest is still a fair while away).

As Side note if you notice that my writing style in my own story is slightly different, it’s probably because of this book.

In anime I started watching Re:Zero (full title: Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu). It’s about a kid finds himself in a different world and the ability to respawn back in time every time he dies. It about him figuring away through the situation with out him or his friends getting killed. So far so good.

I still have to start watching other anime this season that I’ve been psyched for. It’s a good thing I have internet access now hehehe.

Lastly I guess I’ve been watching Adventure Time on TV. At first I didn’t think it was that good, but now I’ve seen enough that I’m hooked! I really like how there is a cannon continuity in every single episode. It makes it really fun to watch.

Anyway I think that should do it.

Hope you guys have a greet weekend or long weekend (Monday is a public holiday over here in Aus).

Have fun and be safe.

kairos5 out!

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