02 For Friends, an interlude and a plot hole


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 02 For Friends Interlude: I think I broke the narrator

It might sound like Rios was the only one got punished but the children also got their own fair share of…

*cough* *cough*

Sorry dry throat. Need a drink.

*gulp**gulp* *gulp*

Ahhh there we go.

The children also got punished, but do keep in mind that the only building to get damaged was Rios’ cabin and he was the one responsible for them. It also meant that none of their parents got into trouble with the other villagers, at least that time.

I may have started the tale a bit too early in their lives, but I think it important to remember that no one is born already an amazing person. It takes time for you to reach your full potential.

They may have been a bit unruly as children but just like all of us they did end up maturing as the years went by. By the time they were old enough to undertake Creeks-Bend’s rite of passage they were-

SP: *yells from the next room* Plot hole!

SP! What are you talking about?!

SP: *yells from the next room*First let me come back in.

Fine come back in.

*SP walks back into the room*

SP: Thank you, and you left a plot hole in the story already.

What do you mean plot hole?! I may not be the best storyteller but there wouldn’t-

SP: if the fire can burn mana, why didn’t it burn Maya to crisp when she used magic to eat it?

You know how magic works!

SP: but the audience doesn’t

There’s a plot hole in the story…

SP: See! Don’t worry it’s a small one so we’ll just… hey are you listening to me?

… I made… a plot hole…*the narrator is just staring into space*

SP: This isn’t the time to blank out.

… A… plot… hole…

SP: *begins waving his in front of the narrator’s face* Hello? Anyone in there?

…  plot…

SP: hmm…

*SP raises his hand up slowly and then slaps the narrator across the face*


*The narrator is still staring into empty space*

SP: I think I’ve broken the narrator… Don’t worry I’ll try to fix him up so he can tell you the next chapter. I think I’ll just finish his segue into the next chapter… Where did he leave off again? Ah that’s right. By the time the kids were about 15 years old they were getting along better with other and were burning down fewer houses. But they still burned one last thing before they finished their rite of passage… And we would’ve transitioned into the next chapter now.


Oh well. Remember kids, no one is born perfect or is perfect on their first try. Now let me try to remind our broken narrator of that fact. See you in the next chapter!

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EDIT: the below was actually at the start of the post, but then I figured you guys would prefer reading the story first instead of the authors message

Hey Dear Reader

In my previous post I said how happy I was that for the first time ever I actually finished the first chapter of one of my stories (I don’t count prologues as chapters exactly). The thing is if you haven’t ever finished writing a chapter then you’ve probably never had a plot hole. That’s right the first chapter I’ve ever finished had a plot hole near the end. Maybe there are more that I don’t know about, but it’s the first one I noticed.

I could go back a edit it out, but I really don’t like editing to that degree (My feelings can be summed up with the phrase “Han shot first”).

So lets see if with a little fourth wall breaking I can at least start to fix it up that pesky hole (it won’t be fixed in this chapter/interlude).

There’ll be references to the previous chapter, but I think if you read this by itself it still (sort of) works by itself… maybe. There’s a link to the previous chapter below.

Anyway hope you guys enjoy this really short chapter

Kairos5 out!


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