Why you should never forget your phone when job hunting

If you’ve been following me you might know that I’ve been on the job hunt for the past couple of months, and last time I talked about it I hadn’t even received an interview offers from my applications. Well good news is that I did get an interview. Bad news is I’m still unemployed. Technically I didn’t fail the interview per se… It’s a bit of a long story. Good thing this blog is supposed to be for stories, right?

This is a story about how I passed an interview and still missed out on the job (and why you should never forget your phone when job hunting).


It was the day after mother’s day. I had decided to spend a couple of days with my parents at their house instead of driving back to an apartment where I normally live with my brother.

This particular day I had spent most of it with my parents and didn’t have my mobile with me at the time. It was late and had been dark outside of a while when I decided to go on my laptop. I don’t remember why I walked to my laptop in the lounge room, but I did and I saw my mobile phone next to it.

I was bored and thought I should check to see if I had missed any texts or calls before I do some late night internet browsing. Turned out at about 1pm I had missed a call, at the time I found out it was 11pm. My internal conversation went something like this:

Kairos 1: “Should I really check this message? It’s too late to do anything about it.”

Kairos 2: “It will only take a minute to check you don’t have anything to lose, and who knows, maybe it’s from one of your job applications.”

Kairos 1: *sarcastically* “Ha ha, yeah sure.” *internal sigh and resigned* “alright might as well check it now check it.”

It was a job interview for one of my application

Kairos 2: “Told you so.”

Kairos 1: “Shut up and help me find a pen!”

I spent the rest of Monday night writing the call back number from the message and calming myself down to go to bed. I was trying to convince myself that I hadn’t blown the chance to an interview by forgetting to carry my phone and check my voice messages. It was only an early 2 or 3am by the time I did calm down, plenty of time to sleep.


I can’t remember the time, only that I woke up too early to return the call and wished I could go back to bed. When I called back I got an answering machine so I hung up and decided to call back later. Fortunately he called me back and I found out that I was selected to take part in the first round of interviews.

We organised a time for the interview for tomorrow in the city I normally live with my brother. So I spent a bit of time packing a suit and driving from my parents’ house to my brother’s apartment did a quick bit of research on the company, and then just tried to chill.


The day of the interview; this was also the day when a couple of  mistakes occured.

First getting to the interview. I chose to take a bus instead of driving my car (I prefer public transport when travelling in the city). I arrived at the street with about 15 – 20 minutes to spare. The problem was the street numbering of the buildings. There wasn’t any, or at least none that I could see. So I spent that time trying to figure out which building had the interview and asking people on the street if they knew where this building was.

I felt like I was really close to finding it but I just couldn’t figure it out. Eventually, when I saw that I was going to run late, I gave up and rang their offices. It was the building next door to the one I was standing in front of. Definitely not the best start to an interview.

I was lucky though, they were also running behind schedule and the person before me hadn’t even started their interview. We had the interview; it was only 15 minutes. They just want to get a brief feel for the applicants before they moved them to the second round of interviews.

At the end I was told that they’d call me to say if I had been successful and, if I was, when the second interview would occur. They also said not to worry if I missed the call, they’d also send an email and a text. With that I left and hopped on a bus back to the apartment.

And here we come to my second mistake. When I got back to the apartment I changed out of my suit and left my mobile in my bedroom. I then went to the kitchen and began to start cooking lunch. While I was being noisy cooking in the kitchen I didn’t hear my phone ring when the company tried to call me back.

When I did check my phone and listened to the message they left it was 8pm. The message said they just wanted me to call back. Since it was late I couldn’t call back, but I had a good feeling.

Why else would they want me to call back? I thought

I checked my email but they didn’t send me an email to confirm whether or not I passed the first interview.

So did I not get in then?

Oh well there was nothing I could do about it then and there was no need to panic. It’s not like they would have my interview on tomorrow on Thursday. It would probably be next week or something.


I had passed and moved on to the second round of interviews. Also apparently my interview was today. I all this found out when I called them back. I also found out that Thursday was the only day they could have my interview.

But not all was lost, the person I talked to said she’d get in contact with the interviewer for the second round and reschedule for a later time. Maybe it was the shock of finding out that I had an interview that day but, I then did something stupid.

Imagine something like this:

Kairos 2: “Hmm… The phone went quite. What are we supposed to do now? Maybe we should hang up. She seemed nice, so she’d probably call back.”

Begins to press the end call button.

Kairos 1: *recovering from shock* “huh didn’t she only put us on hold?”

Pressed the end call button

Kairos 2 *eyes widen* “Call back! Call back! CALL BACK!”

When I did call back I only got an answering machine. So what is the appropriate message to leave behind after doing something stupid? I chose to hang up immediately. No message left. I could already see my chance of getting a job beginning to crumble.

Half an hour later I managed to come up with an excuse on why I hung up, and rang again. Got the answering machine but this time I left a message.

I waited a few hours more with my phone nearby. I called again and got the person. She said she’d pass my phone number to the second round interviewer and she might organise an interview next week.

Kairos 1: “Let’s be honest, they probably won’t call back.”



I waited for the phone call, but I accepted that I probably wouldn’t get that second interview. Well most of me accepted it.

Kairos 2: “you never know maybe they might call back!”

Kairos 1: “umm Kairos 2?”

Kairos2: “They might!”

Kairos 1: “You’re the only one who believes that so-“

Kairos 2: “THEY MIGHT!!!!” *tears begin forming in his eyes*

The other parts of Kairos(me): “…”

And it was decided that I would carry my phone around for the whole day. For the record there was no phone call that day, or ever. I think it’s pretty safe to assume I didn’t get the job.

So remember dear reader. Among other things don’t forget your phone when you’re job hunting.

And also the mistakes you can laugh at are better than the ones you can’t.

Story End

Message from the Author

Hey Dear Reader

I’ve been having a bit of writer’s block. So I thought instead of coming up with a story let’s try to write about something that has already happened to me (maybe you guys will get a good laugh at my expense). This story happen last month in May and I wrote down the main points in case I felt like sharing it with you guys (which I did just now). Though there some finer points that I didn’t write down and I’m a bit fuzzy on (oh well, I’m only human).

Also I might want to add that if you hadn’t figured it out I just added the internal Kairoses so you could have fun reading my thought process. Of course I don’t have internal personas that bicker in my head (Or do I?). Everything else is essentially what happened, though I did cut and simplify some parts to try and keep the story shorter and on topic (you don’t really want to know what I was cooking for the Wednesday lunch? Or that I bought the ingredients on my way back from the interview? Do you?).

I guess the only other thing I’ll mention is that you shouldn’t really feel bad for me that I didn’t get a job from the interview. A week or two later GAMSAT (Graduate Medical School Admissions Test) results came out and I was really happy with mine. After that I also got another interview offer from a different company. I’m still unemployed though, but the point is some good things happened after this story so thing ended up working out.

And Before I wrap up the post; to all 4 of my new followers that joined since my last RL update (and to the other 2 who joined before), thanks for following and I hope enjoy the stuff I post. Also be warned, I’m uni student, video gamer, anime and animations viewer on top of being a wanna-be author/ amateur writer who hasn’t even made their mind on what exactly to write… having a consistent theme for the content posted to this blog/website is something that I can only dream of right now.

And with that, I hope you enjoyed the story.

Kairos5 out!

P.S. Since it’s June E3 and the steam summer sale are going to be happening, so I might do a video game related post sometime soon.

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