Blog Update- NEET, GAMSAT and other stuff

EDIT (20/10/17): GAMSAT and NEET and India

I noticed that occasionally persons from India would look at this post. I didn’t realise till today you guys had a medical entrance exam called the NEET. This post refereed to a different type of NEET that has nothing to do with medical school. I’m very sorry for misleading you.


If you want information on the GAMSAT I can give you that.

If you want to know basic information for what is the GAMSAT and what you have to do, I recommend going to their website at and look around the site.

A quick run down for GAMSAT.

It’s for post graduate students. Is used in universities in Australia, UK and Ireland as an entrance exam for medical school. Can be broken down into 3 sections.

The 3 sections

  1. Humanities and social science (I recommend using practice papers)
  2. Essay writing (be able to hand write two essays in under an hour) (I think it english isn’t your first language you’re allowed to bring a one of those translation dictionaries into the test, but double check that)
  3. Science (knowledge level: high-school level physics, first year university chemistry and biology are useful)

Also there is a possibility to buy PDF file practice tests when you register for GAMSAT.

Oh and if you can get your hands on a Des O’Neil practice book I highly recommend them. It really helped me to bring up my score.

Also don’t be too proud, and go to a tutor to help you with anythig you’re struggling with. I had to go to a tutor to help revise my science and another to help because my essay writing was terrible.

Keep in mind you can take GAMSAT twice a year. One is the Australian version the other is for the UK, to my knowledge there’s no difference in difficulty and you can use the UK version to get into an Australian university and vice versa.


I hope that helps you and again I apologise  if you found this post because you thought I was talking about the Indian NEET med entrance exam.

If you want to read the original post it’s below and it just about what was happening in my life back then. (For the record at this point in time I actually managed to get into med school and am now a first year student)


Hey Dear Reader

Long time no see. How have you guys been?

Sorry it’s been a while since I last posted, well anything. Some stuff has been happening and I’d think “Gee this will make a good story, I should write about it and share it on this site,” and then something else comes up and I don’t finish it.

So having given up on trying to write some of the events over the past couple of months into lengthy tales, here’s the short version of what’s been happening in the life of yours truly.


A NEET no longer.

NEET stands for Not in Employment, Education or Training, and if you read Japanese light novels or watch anime they get run over by trucks, die and reincarnate in another world with a super power (some of those stories are actually pretty good, look at Konosuba and/or Re:Zero)

From January till July I was a NEET looking for work. After searching for a few months, writing resumes and hoping for interviews… I am still unemployed. Also I didn’t meet truck-kun and get reincarnated in another world. I guess that’s only for Japanese NEETs (in light novels). Actually I went back university to finish my Masters degree in International Public Health. I only have to finish one subject then I graduate with a masters degree.

However even if it’s only one subject every time I try to write a story I either feel guilty about working on something that isn’t university related or a deadline for an assignment comes up and I drop what I’m writing to work on the assignment (or to procrastinate working on the assignment).

But ultimately I know that what I do here is just a hobby (at least for now) so right now university has to take priority. But still if you’ve been following me and were expecting some releases I hope you accept my apologies.

Now moving on to what else has been happening in life.


GAMSAT and Medical school

The GAMSAT if you don’t know is like an entrance exam for those who want to study medicine as a post graduate in Australia. Think of it like the USA’s MCAT (well from what I understand the tests are different but their purposes are the same).

This year was the fifth time that I took the GAMSAT and the results have been out since mat… ah… um… no matter how I try to build up to my results I either waffle on, write something that sounds egotistical and/or patronising, or  write a couple of failed story drafts that you, dear reader, may never ever see. I’m absolutely not delaying telling you my results to keep you suspense. In fact I should just tell you the results. Right now.

After one last sentence.

Alright make that two last sentences.

Okay… my results… will be told… in the sentence below.

My results were great! So great that I got an unconditional offer to study medicine from a university when I sent my applications. So I’m pretty happy about it.

Though it’s weird; now I know the direction my life is heading the motivation (I guess that’s the right word?) I had to push myself has kind of disappeared. It’ll probably kick in when I’m panicking and begin doubting whether I can pass med or not. But till then I’ve been taking things pretty easily. Well as easily as you can with the occasional university assignment hanging over head.

In all seriousness though I do hope that I can manage the workload next year. I mean this year I spent the first semester moving and trying (and failing) to get a job, and this semester I’m only working on one subject. You go from that to a full study load (I would argue that medicine is even more work intensive compared to other degrees) and well… you’ll be forgiven for being worried. But I already spent so much of life aiming for this so I’m not going to back down. I’m not going to ask myself “can I do this?” Rather the question is “I wonder how much this is going to hurt to get to the other side?”

But enough of that serious stuff.

Since ‘going back to university to finish off my degree’ and ‘the results from applying to med school’ are the only big things that have happened to me, it’s time for:


Miscellaneous stuff

Because it’s the little things that make life.

Lets see… Since I found out about my GAMSAT results I’ve actually been playing more games on Steam. Right now the main ones I’ve been playing were Xcom: Enemy Unkown and Borderlands 2. There’s also the backlog of games I need to finish in my steam library as well (What can I say? If you’re going to buy a game you should at least aim to finish it.)

For reading: I’m nearly finished reading the Count of Monte Cristo, and it’s safe to say that it’s my favourite book. Other than that I’ve read some manga and light novel translation. But they were mostly for casual reading and weren’t what I would read if I really wanted an amazing tale. (It’s like movies. Some times rather than an A-class blockbuster, you just want to chill out with just a simple fun B-grade movie, or is that just me?)

As for writing: I think I’ve alluded to it, but I’ve mostly just done story drafts of different things. Some are things that have happened others are just complete fiction. I actually started writing up a FanFic for Pokemon Go back when it was all the hype… but then assignments came by and I stopped working on it. It’s left somewhere uncompleted in the mess that is my hard drive. I’ll probably finish it eventually… but there are other things I want to write more so it will be a while. (On the topic of Pokemon Go, INSTINCT FTW!!!)


And that’s more or less it. Hopefully I do actually release some stories so that this can go back to website about… well stories rather than about updates on my life.

Anyway hopefully you guys enjoyed the update and again sorry about the silence and the probable future silence on the site.


Take care and stay strong guys.

Kairos5 out!

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