Summer Rain

When do you know summer has come in Australia?

It could be when you feel the hot wind blow through your house and you have to shut the windows to stay cool.

It could be the burning sensation you feel when you go outside, as you feel the harsh sunlight beating down and cooking every inch of exposed skin.

It could be when you hear the crunch of dry grass under your feet. When you feel the heat radiated from the parched earth, exposed for hours to that burning sun. As if every step you took with your sandaled feet were a chance for relief to release that heat stored in every dry grain of dirt or brown blade of grass.

It could be when even the flies try to escape the sun and take shelter in you shadow. Buzzing around even in the shade across your face as your eyes are drying from the heat. Getting hit and shooed away by your waving hands is small price to pay to for protection from the sky.

It could be when you’re sitting in the shade under cover wiping the dripping sweat off your brow with back of your hand you, panting from the heat.

Or it could be when you feel the wind again. Though still warm it’s not as hot and dry as earlier. As blow roughly across drying the sweat across your skin giving you some relief as a sigh escapes your lips. You notice the tree branches blowing wildly in the wind, and look up in hope.

What was once blank blue skies are now covered with large thick fluffy clouds. Some a light white, but many are the heavier gray.

“Will it pass by?”

And then you look further towards the horizon and you smile at the heavy at one large heavy gray mass.

Slowly the sky darkens even though it’s early afternoon and white turns to grey. You hear it. The low rumbling of thunder in the distance.

The wind pick up now as you feel that change. The heat is subdued, it no longer seems to want to dry the earth.

It darkens again and clouds begin to merge and the sound of rumbling becomes louder and more frequent. You feel it in the air as the temperature suddenly drops. Across the wind the slight smell of water is in the air.

“It won’t pass by”

The sky is now dark and gray, as if the sun has set early. The cool air is blowing and heat in the air is now gone, yet you still feel it radiating from ground and from your skin. You wait. The land waits. Waits for promise of something better

*Plat* *Plat*

The sound of a couple of big fat wet drops hitting the dusty metal roof above.

Then few more begin to fall…

Then more…

Then more.

Then more!

The cascade music playing above your head as the water washes away the dust and rushes down from the roof to fall to the ground like a small waterfall. That water wet clean smell of rain fills the air with spray for drops hitting the ground

The chilling wind picks up the spray of water and sprinkles it across your body, washing the tiredness of the heat away. The wind cooling you down to your core, refreshing your very soul, making it as if that hot morning was but a dream.

Every crack in the ground is washed away as the rains soaks in cooling the earth. Does the grass already look greener? Come tomorrow it definitely will be.

Well a rain like that could tell you summer has come.


A rain that cools and relieves.

That refreshes and restores.

In the heat what more can you gain

If not a summer’s rain?



Author’s notes

Guess what the weather outside was like when I wrote this.


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