Old Video Games

It was the break between semesters when a young man visited his parents’ home for the holidays. He was having a nice break from university but soon he would have to travel back into the capital to study.

During the course of his stay his parents managed to draft him into doing the odd chore around the house. Well they were his parents and he was under their roof. So just like the good old days of high school he helped out.

One day he was cleaning out the cupboards and drawers in the living room to make some more space. He was emptying a shelf of one the cupboards when…

“Ah so that’s where they put them!” he exclaimed to himself.

Tucked right inside the back corner of the cupboard were the old console games he used to play when he was still in high school.

From racing to RPGs, open world to arcade there actually were quite a few different games. Some were his rewards when he did well in the end of year exams, some were his escapes when life wasn’t going well and others were just bought to kill time. Each of these games had a story behind them. Short, long, interesting, boring, the young man could tell you all of their stories.

And if it wasn’t clear I’m not talking about the ones the developers wrote.

Take the games he bought on hype and listening to the critics. They were the ones everyone was raving about, everyone but him that is. They weren’t bad games they just weren’t for him. But for the most part they did entertain him and they helped to teach two valuable lessons. Critics can be wrong and never hop on the hype train.

He set them aside for now. He’ll see how much he’d get trading them in later.

Ah these were the series that he loved. he was caught him hook line and sinker from the first game and kept on buying the sequels to relive the experience. As luck would have it one of series released around the time you should be studying for the end of year exams. He had to wait patiently for exams to come and end before he could play the next game in the franchise. In the end it became a tradition to buy a copy to celebrate the end of one more school year.

Wait… this one wasn’t his… or this one… ah that’s right.

They were the games from friends who had lent them to him. Well time has made it “lent.” There are probably one or two games that he lent to friends and has now become “lent” as well. Borrowing from friends was the cheap way to play games. Then once you were done you could talk all about them during lunch break at school… among other things.

Yeah we were all a bunch of nerds back then, the young man chuckled to himself.

Technically he owned these next games, or at least his family did.

They were his brother’s. The young man use to occasionally play them, but nowhere near as much as his brother. There were the occasional fights and annoyances they had when you had two games and only one console to play them on, but that’s nothing new among siblings. Yet there was always someone to play with if you wanted to play versus or co-op… or if you just wanted someone to keep you company as you played. Playing single player can be lonely.

I wonder if he’s still interested in these, the man thought.

Ah smile crept over his face as he pulled these games out. They were the party games. The ones he and friends, used to play when split screen was still a thing. The shouting, yelling and laughter as someone was blown up by a rocket launcher or at how bad they were playing the mock guitar. The angry parents who told them to keep quite at midnight when it was a sleep over. They were good times.

Very good times.

Did he always own so many games? There seemed to be a lot fewer when they were hidden away in that drawer, but now outside the pile was quite large.

I definitely played a lot, he thought as he also looked at the price tag. I also payed a lot! Gaming isn’t the cheapest of hobbies.

He took a moment and stared at the pile his mind cast back to the quite nerdy high school student and his friends. Some memories were pleasant others he laughed about how stupid that kid was…

Well these games weren’t going to move themselves. He wasn’t that kid and he didn’t live in this house anymore.

There was only one place he could move them to.


Near of the end of the holidays the young man drove back from his parents’ house to his apartment in the capital. Packed in the bag with his clothes were the old games he found in the cupboard and the boot were the old console his parents no longer needed nor wanted. He was going to be busy, so between you and me I don’t think he’ll have time be playing them for the sake of nostalgia.

But you know sometimes in life you do need to look back and remember the good times (and sometimes the bad ones as well). Whether it’s memories of the time spent with family and friends playing video games or some of mistakes you made in life, sometimes a little introspection and reprieve from the present isn’t such a bad thing.

He was still going to trade in the bad ones if he had anything to say about it though!

The end.


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