Timetable (Poem)

A perfect timetable

Is what I had

When they said “change it!”

I thought them mad


But do the right thing

Was what I was taught

So I’ll change my class…

Is what I thought.


The new classes are all full

Not a spot free

I’m happy with my timetable

Maybe let’s leave it be?


I occasionally checked

If there was room to move

It was getting late

Then it was twelve hours past noon.


Now no classes to attend

and no way to pass

my timetable now looked

like one great big farce


Screw it

I said as I logged off

Free with no classes

And free to scoff




But scoff I did not

The next day I waited

“By then the solution should be found!”

It wasn’t, my hopes were deflated


I sent an email to get a result

I waited to get back on track

But as of right now

Still no word back


And here we are past midnight on a Monday

No tutorial, practical or timetable complete

This whole experience is leaving me beat


So for those still awake at having no classes like me

Go to bed and leave this be

There nothing we can do

It’s just the fortune we drew


If you think you’re screwed…

Well it could be true

But know that you’re not the only one

I’m in the same position as you, son/hun


Writer’s message:

Hey dear reader! Honestly I could give an entire blog post on the background for this poem. The short version: University started and their new method for getting students to create their timetables was… frustrating and I went from having a pretty good timetable to having no classes at all. I was bored waiting for them to fix the problems and wrote a version of this poem to share on Facebook with the other students. But I actually lost my nerve and ending up not sharing it. I didn’t like not sharing it, so I edited the poem and changed the context so you wouldn’t need the read all this background for it to make sense (Thank if you are though) and decided to post it on this site. So for the record this poem isn’t accurate in letting you know how that whole timetable fiasco went down.

You can now take it literally as a student annoyed with having trouble with his timetable or as a metaphor/story of a man having to make a change/ having a problem occur in his life. Granted it’s a very symbolic metaphor/story, and it does actually makes this poem more depressing in my opinion (Maybe I should have kept editing and added in a happier ending? hmm I could probably give it one in another post… *shrugs* well we’ll see (probably not))

Anyway I hope you guys enjoyed it and sorry if the poem wasn’t that clear.

kairos5 out!


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