1st Year Anniversary!

Wow it’s been one year since I’ve started blogging and writing on this site… do you know how long the average blog lasts? No seriously I don’t know because if you do a google search: how long do blogs last it gives you results about the ideal length for a blog posts.

By the way apparently your blog posts should be no more than 600 words. One year of blogging and I’ve found out I’ve been doing it wrong. Either that or my followers and readers just have greater attention spans and concentration than that of the average human! (uh… just making sure but you guys are human right?)

Jokes and sophistic flattery aside dear reader, I can’t believe only one year has gone by.

When I started this site… well I think my very first post sums it up quite well:

“…right now my life is a bit chaotic and I don’t know what direction it’s heading in. So I thought that making a website/blog would be at least be taking a step forward with my life (which is better than taking a step backwards).”

And now one year later and in medical school now, I can say that making this site certainly wasn’t a step backwards.

When I was unemployed and looking for work, it was good to have something to do so I didn’t feel  useless at life. It helped to give me some purpose.

I’m still proud of this post. I don’t know if it’s still the first chapter of a grand epic I might never write or is now just a stand alone short story, but it was the first chapter of anything that I’ve properly written and arguably the first story I’ve ever finished writing. It has mistakes and is poorly edited with typos mixed in but even with all that I love it and don’t plan to change it.

Somehow I also have to mention that I think writing for this site might have helped me get practice for writing in general which then may have helped me to pass the GAMSAT (Australia’s post-grad medical degree entry exam) for the first time in 5 years of trying. I’ll find some way to mention it in this post I’m sure.

I could go on about the things I wrote on this site or that happened to me over the course of the year after I started this site, but if I could write all that (and in a way that wouldn’t bore you) I think I would have more than 15 posts on this site (16 if you count this one).

Hopefully this site will keep on going for another year

I’ll probably never become a professional writer (I’ve always wanted to be a doctor), but I hope you guys enjoy whatever you read from me.


Hey Dear Reader

I’m under 600 words maybe I’ve finally figured out how to blog, eh?

And thank you for reading this and any of my other posts (especially those over 600 words *winks*)

Kairos5 out!





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