A long day

He couldn’t believe his eyes. Is this what it feels like to be sucker punched in the gut?

The results on the computer screen were as clear as day. For the first time in his life he had failed a course.

What happens now… That’s right… the supplementary exam I’ll start studying now for it… he thought as he reached for his note book.

Was he eligible for the supplementary? What did he even get wrong? Would studying now be any good? Why did it have to be THAT subject? WHY!? 

Those thoughts that swirled in his head stopping from doing nothing but stare blankly at the closed note book

He took a deep breath before getting up from the desk and grabbing his car keys. He never good at writing emails anyway. It would be better to visit the university in person.


He held it in as he left the university office. The staff felt bad for him. They didn’t like telling him that he would have to push back graduating by a year.

They didn’t like telling him, but it was the only thing they could say.

He finally made it to his car.

He opened the door.

Sat down.

Closed the door.

Then cried.

Why did this happen? For the first time in his life he did everything right. He actually studied hard, he managed his time, he did everything you were supposed to for once.

So why when there were so many times he should have failed but didn’t. So many times he didn’t put in the effort, didn’t study, didn’t try… why did it have to be the one time he actually tried to take it seriously did he fail?

Was he not really that smart? His intelligence was all he had going for himself, but if he wasn’t even that smart…

And what about his parents? How would they feel about this?

It didn’t matter any more. He would have all of next year to figure it out.

After some time he dried his eyes started the car and drove home.

It had been a long day.


Message from the writer:

GAH! I really don’t like writing stories with sad endings. But no matter how I tried to spin it into a happy ending it would just feel either shoe horned in or I just won’t have enough time to build it up!

For the record I the closest I got to coming up with a happy ending is the bit in italics below:

“A sad story would end here, and indeed this one does.

But really short stories are just chapters of larger novels.

Who knows what happens next? Maybe things get better maybe things get worse. Maybe our student tries again maybe he doesn’t.

 Maybe he meets someone special, someone who changes him for the better, who shows him why he should keep on trying, or maybe not.

Who knows? This is just a story about one day.

One very long day.”


“Hey that was good why didn’t you make that the ending kairos5?”

Because if I had read that in a book I would feel like asking ‘why bother to allude to something happy happening when you could just tell us how it happens!’ and then assume he/she was lazy or just want to force in a happy ending / message.

(I still want to force in a happy ending! That’s why I wrote it in the writer’s message section)


Well that rant is over.

So this is based of something that happened to me when I was nearly finished  with my bachelors degree. Didn’t quite happen like this, though they are pretty similar.

For those curious: if the story continued and followed what happened to me it would have a happy ending. It would take year to reach that ending though.

Well anyway hope you enjoyed the story. Sorry for it being short (and if quality is a bit low) but med school keeps me busy. I’m just happy I had enough time to post something up that wasn’t blog post.

Till next time

kairos5 out!


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