Small idea dump

Sometimes you get an idea for a scene or a setting, and hopefully you can get come up with a story to incorporate those ideas. Or, for reasons known to you, you could just dump some of the ideas you don’t think you’ll be using any time soon into a blog post and share.

I chose the later (the reasons are at the bottom in the writer’s notes section if you’re interested)

So below are the ideas, some are more unpolished then others but I hope you find something you enjoy. Also unless there’s brackets in the title just assume that it’s a scene from a story. Okay enough from me, I hope you enjoy some of the ideas.



She was one of the most beautiful girls in the course. She always stood out in the lectures. It was just chance that he ran into her at the library

“Hey studying late?” he asked

“Hey! Yeah I’m just waiting for my boyfriend before….” the boy couldn’t hear anything over sound of his fantasies shattering into a thousand pieces


Oh my!

He paused when it was time to take of his jeans “do you mind?”

“Oh please,” she said, “it’s nothing I haven’t seen before.”

He immediately pulled them down to reveal… a pair of long thermals

“Oh my!”

They were hot.


The lab (setting idea)

So if you’ve done a science degree (or something similar) then you know that there are some things you can’t share. Namely pictures of the lab where you do your practical classes. But sometimes there are instances where you can’t disclose anything that happens in the lab, class, room, meeting, etc.

So what if there was a lab and you (the author/writer/first-person character/second-person character) couldn’t disclose what happened in there. That’s what the next three scenes are based around. Really they’re nothing more than glorified ‘cut scene and fast forward’ transitions but I thought the ‘lab’ would be a good way to set up a quick joke here and there in a story set in a university.  Anyway here are the scenes, enjoy



“Why am I even here,” moaned Fred. It was only the first week and already he felt tired and over worked from the degree

“Just one more class and then we’re done for the week” his friend Ben said as they both dragged their feet into the lab for practicals

Unfortunately some sensitive experiments occur in those particular labs at the university. So sensitive that they are not allowed to be mentioned in print. However what happens after they leave the lab can be recorded.

“WE’RE GONNA STUDY!” they yelled leaving the lab. Somehow those two hours motivated the students into studying.

Instead of resting they spent the rest of the day studying. They even forgot they needed to eat and sleep.

I am allowed to say that no experiments are performed on the students in the lab. I however do not know if that’s true. Better not look too deeply into it and say Fred and Ben just happened to become really motivated students because of what the tutors did to them… which was teaching, and nothing else.


Unholy pranks

“Haha nothing can surprise me!” Laughed Adam. All of Mandy’s attempts to get him had so far failed

“We’ll see” she said as they entered

*enters then leaves lab*

“Why! Why did you do that!” Adam yelled still shaken from what happened

It was Mandy’s turn to laugh “not surprised by anything, huh?”

Granted she may have gone too far getting the necromancers involved.

As to why the university allowed the lab to be used for both science and the dark arts… that’s anyone’s guess really.


Why am I the one…?

“So planning to ask her out then, Mark?” James asked with smirk

“Yep I’m planning to ask her during the prac”

“You sure you want to do that? Weird stuff happens in that lab”

“I’m hoping the weirdness helps me out” Mark said with a chuckle

“Whatever works for you mate,” said James. After all what’s the worst that could happen

*enters and leaves lab*

Stunned is probably the best way to describe the reactions of James and Mark as they walked out of the lab

“So,” started James, “you asked her out.”

“Yep,” Mark nodded

“And she said yes.”


“So why am I the one going out to dinner with her?”

“I… don’t… know…”

One wonders if that lab is sentient and just wants to mess with people.


End of lab scene ideas


NCRO (small idea)

If you ever want a university course could for teaching necromancy you could use NCRO7102

NCRO because NCRO=necro=necromancy

7 because (in my uni anyway) 7 is used for post graduate courses like a Masters or an MD, and I can’t help but appreciate the humour of saying “I have a masters in necromancy” versus “I have a degree in necromancy”

102 because I didn’t want to have 101. No other reason. Really any numbers could do.



Writer’s notes:

Hey dear reader

So the reason for the idea dump?

Mainly I just don’t see myself developing these ideas anymore than what they are now, at least not in the immediate foreseeable future. I’d like to finish some of the stories I already started and because of university I don’t have enough time to come up with and start (and finish) a story to use these ideas.

Well… I’m holidays now for two weeks so I might get to work on finishing a story, though if I’m being honest I also need break as well. We’ll see how it goes.

Also some of these ideas listed were bothering me a bit by not being used/shared. Especially “shattering” and the lab scenes. Hopefully since I shared them now they won’t bother me and I can forget them now.


Any notes on the scenes/ ideas?

Well most of the stuff the needed notes (the lab scenes) I’ve already included, so…. no?

I said it before but I hope you enjoyed this post, and that it gave you some ideas of your own.


Have a good break and stay safe.

Kairos5 out!


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