This is what I originally wrote when I maed this site:

“Well there’s not too much to say really…

I’m quiet guy who’s a bit of a nerd. I love my anime and manga, and love playing games on steam.

I also come up with stories in my head. So after some stuff happened and I didn’t know what to do with myself I thought “Hey maybe I should try writing some of these stories out,” and here we are.

Feel free to comment and make any suggestions to improve my writing after you’ve read the chapters.

Just remember my goal is just to have some fun with this, so don’t expect many world shaping works from me.

Anyway hope you like what you read here and thanks for reading them!

kairos5 out!”


I wrote that at a time when I didn’t know where my life was going. But time moves on things and people change (and last time I checked, I was a person).

Now I want people to read what I write, especially the things that I’m proud to have made (even though there isn’t that much I’ve written in the grand scheme of things). And I thought about changing this ‘About’ page to try and make this site more appealing.

But when I read that “About” page I thought wow that was real, and it made me realise 4 important things about what I want this site to be:

  1. A place where I can have fun and do my own thing, even if scares away people (I mean big walls of text can scare away readers, they scare me!)
  2. The things I write might not be the best in the world, but I’ll do my best in writing them so I can be proud of them and that you dear reader can enjoy them (and hopefully if you’re in hard time (or just a boring time) they’ll help you out)
  3. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to get people to read what I write
  4. Rules 1 and 2 supersede rule 3

And in accordance with those rules I’ve edited my ‘About’ page so it now has the quantity of two ‘About” pages to remind me what this site is about.

I might not update that regularly or frequently but thank you if do read anything on this site.

And I hope you enjoy any of the things on this site.

kairos5 out!

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