Story: Oh no…

Just great, it’s time for the exam I’m nowhere near prepared. All I could do was sit down in the back row behind one of the smartest students of the cohort. The stormy weather outside a symbol of my future. Oh no the window behind me somehow got open and now wind from the storm […]

2 years and still alive!

  To be honest I wanted to say “2 years and going strong” but it’s actually been getting pretty hard to keep this site active. Hey dear reader! It’s been 2 years since I started this site and it’s still alive! Well, 2 years and a day. I actually thought the anniversary was later in […]

Fanfic: A goodbye to Doki Doki Literature Club

Spoiler warning: *Major spoilers for Doki Doki Literature Club* Also this story follows after the credits of DDLC, so unless you’ve finished the game it probably won’t make much sense and you’ve possibly spoiled a great story you can get for free on steam. (If you have finish DDLC and this fanfic doesn’t make sense […]

The Types of People After an Exam

Hey dear reader! You might have already realised but I (kairos5) am just one of many personas the original kairos uses to interact with people. The reason I’m bringing this up is cause he had an anatomy spotter exam today and well…… kairos4: *hugging his knees and rocking back and forth on the ground* “They […]

Story: Laughter helps with a lot of things

Pulling up into the driveway in his car, Mike was dropping off his best friend’s partner, Alice. “Thanks for the lift, and um… sorry again that didn’t work out with Claire.” Alice said with an awkward smile. They had returned from another failed attempt at trying to partner Mike with one of Alice’s friends. “It’s […]


I rode the life down to the hotel lobby, hoping I could find a spot for the fireworks show. Going through the lobby and exiting the hotel I could the bangs echo through the city. Ah it started, I thought as I jogged through the streets. I need to find a place where I could […]

Thana and the Legion

Part 1 “-Wind Wall!” Thana yelled finishing the incantation. With a swing of her staff a huge gust of wind blew across her dark hair and cloak and hit the arrow volley fired towards her. The dark cloud of arrows blew apart never reaching her, the wall and its defenders. The tall, imposing stone wall […]