Small idea dump

Sometimes you get an idea for a scene or a setting, and hopefully you can get come up with a story to incorporate those ideas. Or, for reasons known to you, you could just dump some of the ideas you don’t think you’ll be using any time soon into a blog post and share. I […]

A long day

He couldn’t believe his eyes. Is this what it feels like to be sucker punched in the gut? The results on the computer screen were as clear as day. For the first time in his life he had failed a course. What happens now… That’s right… the supplementary exam I’ll start studying now for it… he thought […]

1st Year Anniversary!

Wow it’s been one year since I’ve started blogging and writing on this site… do you know how long the average blog lasts? No seriously I don’t know because if you do a google search: how long do blogs last it gives you results about the ideal length for a blog posts. By the way apparently your blog […]

Timetable (Poem)

A perfect timetable Is what I had When they said “change it!” I thought them mad   But do the right thing Was what I was taught So I’ll change my class… Is what I thought.   The new classes are all full Not a spot free I’m happy with my timetable Maybe let’s leave […]

Old Video Games

It was the break between semesters when a young man visited his parents’ home for the holidays. He was having a nice break from university but soon he would have to travel back into the capital to study. During the course of his stay his parents managed to draft him into doing the odd chore around […]

Summer Rain

When do you know summer has come in Australia? It could be when you feel the hot wind blow through your house and you have to shut the windows to stay cool. It could be the burning sensation you feel when you go outside, as you feel the harsh sunlight beating down and cooking every […]

Applying for a job vs. needing to take time off

Hey Dear Reader So I have a question for you guys. Do you think you should apply for a job when you know that you’ll have to take time off within at least the first month of being employed? Seems like a weird question to ask right? Let me give you some background. Today my parents […]