Summer Rain

When do you know summer has come in Australia? It could be when you feel the hot wind blow through your house and you have to shut the windows to stay cool. It could be the burning sensation you feel when you go outside, as you feel the harsh sunlight beating down and cooking every […]

Applying for a job vs. needing to take time off

Hey Dear Reader So I have a question for you guys. Do you think you should apply for a job when you know that you’ll have to take time off within at least the first month of being employed? Seems like a weird question to ask right? Let me give you some background. Today my parents […]

Why you should never forget your phone when job hunting

If you’ve been following me you might know that I’ve been on the job hunt for the past couple of months, and last time I talked about it I hadn’t even received an interview offers from my applications. Well good news is that I did get an interview. Bad news is I’m still unemployed. Technically […]

Alone by the River

I really want to meet you.   Walking alone, along the city’s river The night lights reflected shimmer. Some people stop and stare In this moment I’d like to share.   I really want to meet you.   Couples walking hand in hand Younger I used to get jealous and mad. Now I sigh and […]

02 For Friends, an interlude and a plot hole

  Previous chapter | Table of contents | Next chapter  02 For Friends Interlude: I think I broke the narrator It might sound like Rios was the only one got punished but the children also got their own fair share of… *cough* *cough* Sorry dry throat. Need a drink. *gulp**gulp* *gulp* Ahhh there we go. […]