Timetable (Poem)

A perfect timetable Is what I had When they said “change it!” I thought them mad   But do the right thing Was what I was taught So I’ll change my class… Is what I thought.   The new classes are all full Not a spot free I’m happy with my timetable Maybe let’s leave […]

Old Video Games

It was the break between semesters when a young man visited his parents’ home for the holidays. He was having a nice break from university but soon he would have to travel back into the capital to study. During the course of his stay his parents managed to draft him into doing the odd chore around […]

Summer Rain

When do you know summer has come in Australia? It could be when you feel the hot wind blow through your house and you have to shut the windows to stay cool. It could be the burning sensation you feel when you go outside, as you feel the harsh sunlight beating down and cooking every […]

Applying for a job vs. needing to take time off

Hey Dear Reader So I have a question for you guys. Do you think you should apply for a job when you know that you’ll have to take time off within at least the first month of being employed? Seems like a weird question to ask right? Let me give you some background. Today my parents […]

Blog Update- NEET, GAMSAT and other stuff

EDIT (20/10/17): GAMSAT and NEET and India I noticed that occasionally persons from India would look at this post. I didn’t realise till today you guys had a medical entrance exam called the NEET. This post refereed to a different type of NEET that has nothing to do with medical school. I’m very sorry for […]

Why you should never forget your phone when job hunting

If you’ve been following me you might know that I’ve been on the job hunt for the past couple of months, and last time I talked about it I hadn’t even received an interview offers from my applications. Well good news is that I did get an interview. Bad news is I’m still unemployed. Technically […]