A Plastic Smile and Time

Plastic smile with plastic joy. It can help you get through a lot in life. Take me for example. When I found out that I failed my exams I only cried for half an hour before I put my smile and joy. After all I didn’t have time to waste on feeling sorry for myself, […]

The Life of Kathy Liu

This story was written in response to the prompt: Wholesome, loving parents, but they’re also eldritch horrors. Please enjoy.   She was only a little girl when Kathy lost her parents It wasn’t easy for her to deal with it, at first. She was already getting bullied from the rest of the kids for her […]

Looking back at drafts

Hey Dear Reader! It’s nearly been a year since I posted anything up. What could I have been doing that time? Collected the Infinity Stones? Burned down the Iron Throne? Definitely not spending all my time either studying at uni or procrastinating! haha haha… ha … *starts staring of in the distance with empty eyes* […]

[Story] That one reason…

It was a bright clear sunny day as I walked back home from school. To be honest I wasn’t expecting anything out of the ordinary that day. After all I’m just an extremely normal high school student. So normal in fact that I could cry. Normal looks, grades, sports, you name it and I’m pretty […]

[Poem] Bored Before Bed

Lying all alone in bed with a song stuck in his head bored, writing whatever came to mind It began to rhyme, and a poem he did find …. Now he has writer’s block doesn’t know the time ’cause there’s no clock getting tired, so I’m going to sleep good night now, you won’t here […]

[Blog] Unfinished Stories and Exam Burnout

Hey dear reader! How have you been? It’s been a while since I’ve posted something here. More than 4 months in fact! That absolutely doesn’t mean I haven’t been writing stories! Just that I’ve never finished writing them…. I was actually going through some of the old files I had on my laptop and re-read […]

Story: Oh no…

Just great, it’s time for the exam I’m nowhere near prepared. All I could do was sit down in the back row behind one of the smartest students of the cohort. The stormy weather outside a symbol of my future. Oh no the window behind me somehow got open and now wind from the storm […]